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In today’s environmentally conscious world no longer can you just rip out old carpeting and toss it away. Associated Floors wants to be part of the solution and therefore a responsible vendor.  When it’s time for you to replace old carpeting and backing we can help you dispose of it in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Whenever we quote on a new flooring project, we can take into consideration how best to discard your old carpet. As a member of the StarNet® Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership we have access to a recycling and reclamation program that is LEED compliant, environmentally responsible and available for any type of fiber, from any manufacturer, no matter how old the carpet.

Through our partnership, your old carpet is brought back to life in the form of new "green" flooring products, consumer and industrial parts, or converted into energy. In fact, no useful part of your old floor will go to waste.

Then we can help you spec "green" choices for your new floor. It's all part of what you can expect when you choose us to manage your entire flooring process.

This recycling program alleviates the hassles that can be associated with environmentally responsible disposal. All you need to do is call us, and we can help take care of the entire process, which means that you can become a leader in winning the environmental war on our planet.