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The key to outstanding project management is the experience to know what is needed and staying on top of every detail throughout the life a project.  At Associated Floors we understand what it takes!

Why our Project Management model is so unique:

  • From start to finish, our dedicated Project Managers take a comprehensive approach to each project, from estimating to overseeing the delivery of materials to coordinating and completing installation.
  • We review each project before it is undertaken and discuss the scope, your requirements, and most importantly, your expectations, ensuring we deliver a successful outcome
  • Our Operations Department specializes in the proper take-off and estimating of floor plans and the products specified. (If you don’t have plans, we can physically measure your space.)
    • Using state of the art estimating software, coupled with decades of literally ‘hands-on’ experience, special attention to all detail insures the proper quantities of materials are determined
  • We understand the need for materials to acclimate before installation, the specific adhesives required, reviewing moisture and pH testing data and making recommendations on moisture barriers or alternate products
  • Our Project Managers will coordinate the installations with you, our crews, and your site contact,  calling daily to ensure that the project is running smoothly and on schedule
  • We will be sure to have you sign a completion slip that shows your work has been accepted before our installers leave your premises
  • We will keep you apprised of each project, and should an unforeseen site condition arise, we will provide you with information and options to resolve the issue, working with you.


Material layout and direction is as important to a job as quantity of product.

Carpet seams should be minimized in high-traffic areas whenever possible, and materials need to be positioned to minimize small pieces. For maximum wear and pattern for aesthetics, carpet pile direction needs to be addressed. When you bid a job seeking only the lowest price these important factors are sacrificed.

Although calculating less material may seem like a cost-savings at the outset, in the long term these ‘savings’ either look unsightly or affect overall performance. Estimating too tight in order to win the bid can result in costly air freight, or even worse, a delayed opening. Our trained professionals know how to balance cost savings against easily avoidable and costly mistakes or issues with long-term performance.

The Associated Proactive Approach

The key to our success is single-source accountability. One person—from project inception through completion overseeing every aspect of your project—is what makes Associated so unique. Our staff is trained to ask questions, consulting with you at the inception of the project and throughout the process, while always providing valuable solutions. We make sure that nothing ‘falls through the cracks’.  It’s better to ask a question up front than deal with a problem later.