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Whether you are preparing a large store remodel, a national roll-out program, or a new construction project, sourcing and procurement of the flooring is an arduous task.

Numerous factors are involved in the selection process of the proper floor covering for a given space. We have found that in nearly every scenario, budget is of utmost concern. With that said, there is also the design statement you desire to achieve for your customers and that clearly represents your brand.

At Associated Floors we bring over 90 years of experience to you so you can feel assured that our knowledge of the flooring products as well as installation will help you make the best decision. We believe that our proven approach towards every project by making educated recommendations will give you the information to make the best decisions regarding your flooring.  We help you sort through the sales “hyperbole” of every manufacturer to find the best product to fit your specific requirements. We help break down the technical issues of manufacturing and product specifications, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Of course, selection of the products is based upon many criteria,
here are just a few:

  • Recommended maintenance of the chosen products and the associated costs
    • Do you have the budget to properly maintain your floor so it performs optimally, or is much of this function left to the employees?
      • In other words, what is the true “life-cycle cost” of your decisions?
  • The amount and type of foot-traffic in your space
    • Is your location within an interior space or does traffic walk in directly from the street?
  • Are you a high-traffic big box retailer, an upscale boutique hotel, a healthcare facility or corporate office?
    • Does your average person where sneakers or high-heels?
    • Do you have large rolling loads, such as pallet jacks making deliveries or hospital beds?

The life cycle costs and the flooring products’ realistic life span and maintenance requirements are often overlooked or neglected when making decisions. Variables such as maintenance costs and how well the flooring is maintained, your typical design change and/or remodeling of the space, should be considered at the outset. It makes little sense to buy a “15 years warranted product” if you only have a 5 year lease on the space.

  • Every flooring option has very different performance characteristics, and each provides a different level of design and aesthetics, which should carry your corporate message/branding when used correctly.

At Associated we work closely with our clients to advise and help them select products that will best match the timeframes, their budgets and their overall project concepts. The proper flooring selection should meet all of these requirements while always remaining within your budget. Our understanding of design, technical and performance issues, as well as the flooring market allow us help you make the right decision for your project.

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